Modern Bari & Bass Sax

I understand if you may have never seen or heard of this saxophone group if you live in the United States but that has to change at some time and that time is now. This dynamic group has at it’s Read More
 Firm, punchy, and has edge; Bari woodwinds has created their best reed to date in the Bari Star line. If your musical situation requires volume, edge, and longevity then this reed should be on your short list. I’ve been a Read More
When I say bass saxophone and jazz what comes to mind? I wouldn’t be surprised if “Tiger Rag” and Adrian Rollini came to mind or if your a hair younger then perhaps Colin Stetson. The fact that this much neglected Read More
Img prop. of RPC Mouthpices Like most saxophone players I’ve tried dozens of mouthpieces over the years. I’ve played most brands out there and many vintage ones. These include: Beechler, Otto Link, Jody Jazz, Runyon, Lebayle, Francois Louis, Meyer, Vandoren, Read More
Blending the uncommon with the absurd this piece by Jeanette Balland is a blend of the acoustic and the electronic. It is the combination of age old metal work with modern electronics. What is delivered with this combination is an Read More
Following my review of the European Saxophone Ensemble album a few weeks back I got an email from the Menne Smallenbroek the baritone/bass player for the group. He asked if I’d like to hear the next project he was working Read More
Andrew Hadro has given the baritone saxophone community a great resource in his website and now he’s sharing his art with us. This album of music by living American composers is his first as a solo artist and I Read More
It’s funny that my most view post was about playing altissimo on the baritone. I wouldn’t have guessed that it was so important so so many people. So much so that the post in question is rank #2 after a Read More
Since I have my Theo Wanne Glass mouthpiece gauge in millimeter x 2 I figured I could measure a few facing lengths  using a 0.04 (0.0015″) feeler gauge. I will measure mouthpieces as they come in and update this post along the Read More
Normally I don’t post sound samples of my mouthpieces. First, I feel that there are too many variables that drastically affect the sound that making an accurate comparison is difficult. Second, I think invariably the players skills are judged just Read More
“Bold, direct and intensely fun”, is how a twitter follower described this album to me and I have no reason not to agree. This album is one of the few that I wish I had heard about years before I Read More
At some point in our musical journey most of us will seek the assistance of a more experienced musician to help us hone our skills. Traditionally this was done through a type of mentorship in which a less experienced musician Read More