Baritone Saxophone Facing Lengths

Since I have my Theo Wanne Glass mouthpiece gauge in millimeter x 2 I figured I could measure a few facing lengths  using a 0.04 (0.0015″) feeler gauge. I will measure mouthpieces as they come in and update this post along the way. I have noted with two measurements where each rail is different. Dates are given to differentiate between models purchased at different times. These dates are not manufacture dates as that is unknown, but instead is a purchase date.

Baritone Mouthpiece:

MouthpieceFacing length in mm
Vintage ImperialL[32.0mm] R[30.0mm]
Rico Graftonite B5 2012L&R [25.0mm]
Yamaha 5CL[25mm] R[24.5mm]
Vandoren V16 B9 2012L&R[33.0mm]
Jody Jazz DV 8L&R [27.0mm]
Fred Lebayle AT 7L[26.0mm] R[22.5mm]
Fred Lebayle Jazz Wood 8L[26.0mm] R[25.5mm]
Vandoren V16 B9 2014L&R[33.2mm]
Yanagisawa Metal 7L&R[26.0mm]
Rico Metalite B9 2013L&R[30.0mm]
Rico Graftonite B3 2013L[25mm] R[26.0mm]

UPDATED: 05/14/2014