Mouthpiece Sound Samples

Normally I don’t post sound samples of my mouthpieces. First, I feel that there are too many variables that drastically affect the sound that making an accurate comparison is difficult. Second, I think invariably the players skills are judged just as much as the mouthpiece. This can jade some listeners. Lastly, the recording equipment can color the tone and deceive the listener.

For proof of the first point read my review of the V16 mouthpiece and listen to two titans of the bari sax play the same mouthpiece but otherwise different setups. It’s night and day difference between their tones. Vandoren V16 mouthpiece review

All those points aside, I did get a request to share some of a recent charity gig I did while playing my YBS-61, Vandoren V16 B9, and Rico Select jazz unfiled 2.5 reeds. I listened back to the recording and was pleasantly surprised at how the tiny mic element picked up the bari very clearly but due to it’s size attenuated the lows pretty heavily. I don’t know the brand of the recorder but I think it turned out alright.

Here’s the link to the file: MBS Soundcloud