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If you are like me in any capacity then you have spent some quality time transposing solos throughout your musical life. Be it an Adams lick, Miles riff, or a Coltrane snippet, you’ve  knuckled down and set your mind to getting inside of your chosen artists brain and extracting that genius for your own use. Of course some snippets are easier to transcribe than others and at time I have found myself looking for a transcription to compare my own to. On many an ocassion this search has lead me to

Mr. Mcneal is a prolific and talented performer and transcriber and has chosen to share his transcriptions with all of the internet world. This is no small gift when  you examine the over 300 transcriptions on his site and new transcriptions being added often. There is plenty of material to keep any musician busy and learning.  Aside from transcriptions he also has 2 pdf ebooks which have helped me in improving my facility and  resolving V to I chords. The ebooks can be found on his site under ebooks.

If you are unfamiliar with Charles McNeal here is the a touch of his performing history from his website.

Charles has performed, recorded and/or toured with: John Faddis, Wynton Marsalis, Leslie Drayton, McCoy Tyner, Ray Obiedo, Dave Garabaldi, RAD, Brenda Boykin, Claire Dee, Lavay Smith and the Red Hot Skillet Lickers, Barbara Morrison, Barbara Dennerlein, Jr. Mance, Bruce Forman, Mark Elf, Roberta Flack, The Temptations, Ollie Woodson, Norman Conners, Jean Carne, Curtis Olson, Peter Horvath, Jaz Sawyer, Boz Scaggs, Nicolas Bearde…” 

I would encourage visitors to donate to his site as an incentive  to keeping this resource available to all who would like to use it.