Review of Interview with Dan Oestreicher of Trombone Shorty

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If you are unfamiliar with the name Dan Oestreicher then perhaps you are familiar with the genre blending music of Trombone Shorty. Dan can be heard with Roger Lewis’ Baritone Saxophone choir, Trombone Shorty, New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, and on albums by Cee Lo Green, Zac Brown, and Rod Stewart.

This interview is much more of a friendly discussion between two great musician and great friends. It is candid and has colorful language. Dan doesn’t mince words when discussing the current state of music in New Orleans, source inspiration for Trombone Shorty’s sound, or music education. This interview is the kind of behind the scenes that most people outside of the immediate musical community does not get exposed to. Dan is passionate and inspired when he talks of his personal musical journey and it adds additional depth to the listening experience.

From a technical point of view the recordings are of good quality and both Jonathan and Dan are easily heard and understood. There are some background audio distractions ranging from a light clicking to the sound of driving, but otherwise they are easy to ignore.

TAKE AWAY: This snapshot of Dan Oestreicher is enjoyable to listen to and sheds a new light on his playing. He is a serious musician and a passionate observer of humanity.

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