Pending Reviews

Quick update: Amazon and the Us post have been working hard to bring me new material to listen to and share. The first album is Jim Hartog’s 1989 release “From here to there”.  The next album is The Brian Landrus Quartet’s 2011 release “Traverse”. I won’t lie, I am excited to spend quality time with this recording as I am a bit musically smitten with Brian Landrus’s tone and swing. The third album is Adam Schroeder’s 2010 release “A handful of stars”. Sadly I am not sure that I will be able to start listening to this album until next month but I am looking forward to it. This album has a fantastic rhythm section made up of drums, bass and guitar. This should make for a compact and focused sounding quartet when paired with Schroeder’s baritone. 

Be on the lookout and if you have any recordings that you think I would like please comment or email and let me know.