Frank Basile – Modern Inventions (????)

Normally I would be discussing the amazing phrasing, tone, and technique used on an album, but not this time. The reason is that this album is not yet released and may not be if we don’t help. Frank Basile is one of my favorites of the current generation baritonists and I have his album “Thursday the 12th” in my to-do list when it is in stock at Amazon. This yet to be released album looks to have all the Adam’ish flare and Frank’s unique voice all over it and it deserves to be shared with the community.

What can we do to help? Head over to his Kickstarter page and offer your support. Even $1 will help complete this project and if you donate enough you could find yourself being made dinner by Frank himself in his New York apartment. Frankly I’d take a 1 hour lesson any day.

Here is the link to his Kickstarter page. Frank Basile’s New Sextet Recording Please take a moment and do what you can to bring great jazz to everyone.  Lets not forget you would get bragging rites to partially funding the album of a top level musician.

**** UPDATE ****

Thanks to everyone for following the link above and helping fund his project. I will bring you my views on this album when i receive it. Keep an eye out!