Features you want to see?

Could your dream Baritone be made?

 I’ve asked this question on various saxophone forums but for the life of me I can’t what I did with the archived answers. So I’ll ask the question again, here and on twitter. What features would you want on a new baritone, or any saxophone for that matter, if you had access to a factory and the skilled workers to craft your dream horn? To be clear you can not go back in time and craft a Mark VI or any other vintage horn.

For me it would have to be a Low-Bb/A bari with:

    Selmer baritone saxophone image by Sylenius

  • Optional low-A Extension
  • Solid Silver Neck (optional but pretty)
  • Adjustable palm key risers (ala Keilwerth)
  • Adjustable Side key heights
  • Upper stack key guards (ala Conn 12m)
  • Fully Ribbed Construction
  • Full floral or Art Deco engraving
  • Multiple position Strap Hook
  • Case with wheel which tuck into the case when not needed
  • Case with 4 wheels that can be rolled standing up (ala roller luggage)
  • Case with a drop down foam panel to hold folding stand, music, and random bari stuff.
  • Optional slide/lock to fix the G# open during storage
  • User replaceable key pearls.
  • O-Ring instead of cork, neck cork. (ala Warburton necks)
  • Extra heavy bracing on Bow
  • Yamaha styled keywork
  • 5-10% thicker material (ala Martin’s or so I’m told.)  Some of the heaviest horns I’ve ever played were Martins.

What would you like to see on your newly built dream horn?