Enrico Pieranunzi, Ronnie Cuber Quartet – Inconsequence (1982) rel. (2000)

This album was given to me by a close friend because he knew I played baritone sax and he didn’t listen to it any longer. What a god send. This album has garnered a very high spot in my musical rotation list.

From the moment you press play this album smacks you in the face with Ronnie Cuber’s amazing soul and style. The very first song begins with a rapid fire “Adams” style lick and from there takes off in a non stop adventure in rhythmic variations and bouncing lines. Throughout this album Cuber demonstrates how lyrically baritone altissimo can be folded into moving lines.

This album is Enrico Pieranunzi’s but at times the interplay with Cuber really gives the album the feel of being two guys against the world. Yet at other times Cuber steals the show. This album features a track with Cuber on flute. I don’t have many examples of Cuber on flute in my collection of 7 Cuber lead albums so this was a real treat. His flute tone is full and warm with a hint of fuzz which really helps to identify him on the instrument. You certainly won’t mistake him for Galway but he sounds fantastic. His tone is very reminiscent of Herbie Mann.

This album seems to be hard to find but  if you do I think you will find a rewarding listening experience.