Baritone Saxophone with Effects

I love new sounds on the baritone and this video from NAMM is a clean easy to hear example of sound modification.  Sylvain Carton is a fantastic player and sound  innovator. His use of multi-effects and advanced techniques makes his tone one to remember. I am a firm believer in pushing the boundaries and keeping an otherwise purely acoustic instrument relevant in a modern music landscape. This has given me some new ideas

Sylvain Carton is a principle voice of the group Beats Antique. I will be reviewing some Beats Antique in the very near future.

Sylvain Carton’s equipment is:

Vandoren V16 (B9?) Mouthpiece with Pasoana pickup

MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay -> Bass Compressor -> Bass Octave Deluxe
MXR Bass Chorus -> MXR Bass Fuzz Delux -> MXR Bass Overdrive ->WahPedal

Supa-Pus Analog Delay -> Ring Worm Modulator
Bass Envelope Filter