Recommended Recordings?

Normally I would just buy albums from Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, and local stores to find new and or interesting bari-centric music to review. When I do it usually takes me about a month of listening to form a solid and semi-coherent opinion. I usually listen on my iPod, car radio, and PC for a week solid then take 2 weeks off followed by another week of listening. I use this method with two to three albums at a time staggering them. For the most part it allows me to discover things about the music that i wouldn’t be able to catch if I only skimmed the tracks or gave the album a once over while I was reading or preoccupied with something else.
The has now come for me to start yet another batch of albums. I have in the rotation  Ronnie Cuber’s “The Scene is Clean” (1994),  Denis DiBlasio’ s “Where the Jade Buddha Lives”(2008), and Leo Parker’s “Let Me Tell You ’bout It (1961)“.

As you can image I have a lot of critical listening and writing ahead of me. This has left me with the need to find more Baritone and bass saxophone focused music to review. So with that in mind, I am asking you my readers to please suggest some music for me and everyone else to listen to.  I am looking forward to the responses.