Neotech Soft Harness Review

Ladies and gentlemen, before you I present one of the best means of supporting your heavy saxophone yet devised. It is the Neotech Soft Harness. Finally, a harness to take the weight of my Low-A Yamaha.

This harness is made of 100% better materials than the ebay harness I previously reviewed. This harness has wide shoulder straps and a horizontal link behind the back which mirrors the cross link in the front. In the front the shoulder straps meet at a “K” shaped junction. The hook is a non-marring swivel hook.


  • The weight of the horn is carried on the shoulders and not the neck. 
  • The shoulder pads are flat neoprene which are easy to hide under garments with minimal bulge
  • The hook is non marring and quite sturdy feeling
  • When sized right, the strap places the horn in near perfect playing position.
  • This strap works well for women of greater endowment as well as men with greater than average belly circumference.


  • Despite optimal embouchure placement the harness places the horn a bit too close to my body.
  • Comes in more than one size and the XL is considerably large.
  • If this piece keeps to my previous Neotech experience then the neoprene will stretch and will eventually stop supporting the instrument. For the record my previous Neotech strap lasted 3 years before the stretch became to great.

Take away: I love this harness and recommend bari players try one. I think you will like it too.