Ebay Saxophone Harness

I bought this strap on a whim because I wanted to take some of the load off of my neck. This was not the best way to spend $10+shipping.

Comfort: Due to the lack of shoulder padding i find this unit to be less comfortable than a proper padded neck strap. But if  you are coming from a traditional leather strap or basic nylon style neck strap this unit will be many times more comfortable.

Ease of Use: I rate this one low because unlike the Neotech the generic Chinese shoulder straps are not distinguishable from the waist straps. This makes it possible for you to wear the strap upside down.
Fit: This proved to be too small for my 6’1″ & 225lbs. This cross strap fell just below my nipples. Far to high to breath comfortably while keeping the horn at a sensible height.  
Hook: The hook arrived painted black and with a small 1cm piece or tube rubber to protect the strap eye on the horn. Within 1 hour of use the plastic had split allowing the clip to contact the neck strap eye. This quickly wore away the metal of the clip. By hour 5 the clip had a 0.5mm indentation due to metal wear. By hour 8 the clip had been worn half way through and the thumb activated clip no longer functioned properly. 
Take Away: For smaller musicians playing on smaller horns this will work quite well. For larger musicians, females or players of larger horns this will likely be uncomfortable. Aside from comfort the lackluster clip material could lead to a damaging fall from waist height for your horn.  On the other hand it does fit underneath a jacket for those formal occasions. Buy cheap and toss when it becomes a danger to the horn.

Please feel free to share your comments on my post or your opinion the equipment being reviewed.