MB&BS now has a bass

I have recently purchased another instrument for inclusion on the site, a bass saxophone. It is a Holton labeled Conn stencil. Some dates suggest 1926 as the year of manufacture but I’m not certain. The[…]

New Year, New updates

The month of December was a busy one here at the MBS shed. Holiday gigs galore and working a daytime job made for a busy December. But now that the new year has arrived new[…]

MBS Delays

It’s been a busy 2 weeks around the MBS space. My day job has become a day and night job and reviewing music and products had to take a slight back seat as I struggled to find[…]

New Comment System

I know some have complained that the comment system was a pain so I am try this new system by the makers of wordpress. It promises to make leaving comments easier and less hassle for[…]

Coming up!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve reviewed of discussed anything but there is a good reason. I’ve been waiting for several albums to arrive from Amazon. There is nothing worse than having to wait[…]

Pending Reviews

Quick update: Amazon and the Us post have been working hard to bring me new material to listen to and share. The first album is Jim Hartog’s 1989 release “From here to there”.  The next[…]

Reeds Plus

In an effort for full disclosure this is not a review but an overview of an idea I had and finally I am going to give it a go. Read on and tell me what[…]

We have twitter now

Ok I have decided to get with the times and utilize Twitter. If  you would like to follow this blog via twitter and be updated on what is happening then search Twitter for @ModernBariSax .