Selmer Mouthpiece comparison

Selmer S-80 Baritone vs. Selmer S-80 Bass Mouthpiece When I purchased my bass it wasn’t in playable shape. The octave mechanism was a bit tweaked and needed some work. After a some time with the[…]

Bari Star Synthetic Reeds

 Firm, punchy, and has edge; Bari woodwinds has created their best reed to date in the Bari Star line. If your musical situation requires volume, edge, and longevity then this reed should be on your[…]

Mouthpiece Sound Samples

Normally I don’t post sound samples of my mouthpieces. First, I feel that there are too many variables that drastically affect the sound that making an accurate comparison is difficult. Second, I think invariably the[…]

Rico Graftonite B5 Mouthpiece Review

“Created especially for concert and marching band musicians by legendary mouthpiece designer Arnold Brilhart” – Rico Graftonite Box Inexpensive, tough, and adequate, what more could you ask for in a mouthpiece? To some band directors,[…]

Vandoren optimum Ligature – V16 Take one knurled thumb screw, a thin band of brass, and interchangeable pressure plates, then plate them in gold and what do you get? The Vandoren Optimum Ligature of course. This ligature is the[…]

Gard Leather Gig Bag Review

  What do you get when you combine ½ of a cows worth of leather, brass rivets, zippers and foam? A Gard Bags baritone saxophone gig bag of course. Gard Low “A” American Model, Black[…]

Hemke reeds

I’ve read over and over again that natural reeds are failing in quality and are inconsistent within a box let alone between boxes. To test this I purchased some Hemke #4 reeds to use on my Yamaha[…]

Brancher Jazz Reeds

Generally I would not review a reed because of the inherent variability that comes from natural products. This variability can make one box of reeds a winner while the next box could be filled with duds. Not[…]