The Lowest Of The Low The Bass Saxophone

In 1985 the documentary The Lowest Of The Low The Bass Saxophone told the story of the bass saxophone and the pioneers of the horn. The familiar cast of merry characters are discussed or interviewed directly. This is a great view and a must for anyone who loves the bass saxophone.

The players discussed:

  • Adrian Rollini
  • Joe Garland
  • Spencer Clark
  • Joe Rushton
  • Otto Hardwick
  • Harry Gold

*Updates* 2015 is going to be a fun year

Like many musicians in my area I had a busy December of 2014. Gigs and family took me away from the site. Now that the holiday season has past it’s time for new reviews, a new transcription, additional study material, and of course news of interesting things in the world of saxophones.  Stay tuned and come back often.

Mouthpiece Clearance | Sale

I’ve decided I’d part with a few pieces as I can’t fit anymore on my mouthpiece stand. If you’re interested email me for more info. I figured my readers should get first crack.

Vintage no-name Geo Bundy/ Woodwind Company mouthpiece


Lebayle Ebony Wood Jazz  #8 | Baritone

Rico Royal Graftonite B5 | Baritone

Bari woodwind 9* | Tenor

Selmer S-80 C* | Soprano

Meyer G-Series | Alto

Selmer S-80 F | Baritone

Woodwind Company | Baritone

RPC High baffle .110B | Baritone