Rico Graftonite B5 Mouthpiece Review

“Created especially for concert and marching band musicians by legendary mouthpiece designer Arnold Brilhart” – Rico Graftonite Box Inexpensive, tough, and adequate, what more could you ask for in a mouthpiece? To some band directors,[…]

Bebop Study #2

I’ve been dragging on doing my transpositions lately but I have a great II V I from Les Wise’s book “Bebop Bible”. I have transposed it to  all 12 keys in the circle of 4ths[…]

Bebop Study #1

My first album was Miles Davis’s “4 and More” album. This album was a mind opener for me. It was fast, free, and fun while at the same time allowing me to use my fathers[…]

ATANGA BOOM! – New Artists

It should be clear that I am a sucker for low wind instruments. The lower the frequency and higher my enthusiasm. Imagine my surprise when “The Pepper Adams Jazz” channel on YouTube posted a video[…]

Vandoren optimum Ligature – V16

www.bestsaxophonewebsiteever.com Take one knurled thumb screw, a thin band of brass, and interchangeable pressure plates, then plate them in gold and what do you get? The Vandoren Optimum Ligature of course. This ligature is the[…]

Websites to enjoy: JazzBariSax.com

When if comes to sites that give more than they take JazzBariSax.com stands out. This site gives more information, artist profiles, gig notices, transcriptions, and so much more. It is no wonder that this site[…]

Master Class – Kenny Werner

Kenny Werner is a world class pianist, author, and jazz educator. His book Effortless mastery has been instrumental (pun intended) to my own personal development. Here is a short master class. Visit Kenny Werner’s site

Master class – Joe Lovano

Joe Lovano What is there to say about Joe Lovano which hasn’t been published before. He is a monster player and educator. He is passionate about his art and loves to share his knowledge. I’m[…]

Master Class – Phil Woods

I had the absolute pleasure of hearing Phil Woods when he came through my town and played with the local Jazz band. His tone and technique was phenomenal to hear live. For a rather large[…]

Master Class – Ernie Watts

Long before I found the love of the low note I was enamored by the technical and stylistic abilities of Ernie Watts. Growing up he was right along side Eric Dolphy, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker,[…]