Modern Bari & Bass Sax

In recent months I’ve become a huge Leo Parker fan. He was composing and arranging at the birth of Bop and his music reflects the growing movement towards this new style. Leo played Alto first but later made the switch Read More
Jody Jazz DV 8 – left profile Recently I got my hands on a fantastic beast of a mouthpiece. The Jody Jazz DV 8. This piece is one of of the few mouthpieces that I had on my bucket list. Read More
This mouthpiece was first brought to my attention by one of my favorite baritone saxophonists, Brian Landrus on the Sax on the Web forum. From that point on I had to try one. Even though I run a moderately somewhat Read More
Bill Evans has been an identifiable voice in the saxophone world for decades now. His characteristic tone and enthusiastic playing style landed him gigs playing with musical giants like: Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Steps Ahead and Mick Jagger.  Read More
When twelve saxophone players from different countries in Europe sit down to combine their different cultures, languages, and love of all things saxophone the result can only be this album. This album is a split between classical and jazz and Read More
The month of December was a busy one here at the MBS shed. Holiday gigs galore and working a daytime job made for a busy December. But now that the new year has arrived new content is due to hit Read More
What do you get when you combine 4 sopranos, 8 altos, 4 tenors, 4 baritones , and 1 bass saxophone in a concert hall with some of the best classical arrangements to come along for the saxophone? You get the Read More
Once again Jeff Suzda brings the world of Baritone saxophone playing a great lesson on playing in the extended regions of the saxophone.His lesson is based on the major 9th arpeggios and is a great way to flex your chops Read More
I struggled to place this album in an accurate musical genre. Is it pure jazz, chamber music, acoustic ambiance, funk, fusion, or none of these adjectives. Instead I settled in on just calling it “good” music. This album crosses so Read More
“Created especially for concert and marching band musicians by legendary mouthpiece designer Arnold Brilhart” – Rico Graftonite Box Inexpensive, tough, and adequate, what more could you ask for in a mouthpiece? To some band directors, notably those who aren’t native Read More
I’ve been dragging on doing my transpositions lately but I have a great II V I from Les Wise’s book “Bebop Bible”. I have transposed it to  all 12 keys in the circle of 4ths and it’s a fun little Read More
My first album was Miles Davis’s “4 and More” album. This album was a mind opener for me. It was fast, free, and fun while at the same time allowing me to use my fathers turntable with his permission. For Read More
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