Modern Bari & Bass Sax

This album was given to me by a close friend because he knew I played baritone sax and he didn’t listen to it any longer. What a god send. This album has garnered a very high spot in my musical Read More
I bought this 2010 released album on a whim because Gary Smulyan  is on it and I am fascinated by lyrical bass solo’s. To which Dave Holland brought in spades. Of course there is plenty of amazing playing happening on the album Read More
I am a voracious reader of all types. Books, magazines, newsgroups and blogs make up 99% of my reading diet.  It goes without saying that I often stumble into blogs that I really enjoy reading. If you have the time Read More
I will admit it I am a regular YouTube user. I use YouTube to find favorite artists, new music to listen to, and of course that rare interview. As a lover of saxophone ensembles I found YouTube to be awash with great musical reference Read More
  I bought this piece on the recommendation of a friend. I had expressed my discontent with the projection I was getting from my modern hard rubber Otto Link. I’ve been a baritone link player for the last 10 years Read More
If you are like me and you find that nearly all gigs feature the not so optional 1/4 mile walk from parking to stage then you know how the weight of a baritone can make one arm longer than the Read More
Storing mouthpieces and keeping them safe has been a bit of a trial for me. I like to keep favorite mouthpieces handy for different playing situations. I tried using a “spare” Crown Royal bag, spare socks, and a variety of Read More