Whom I won’t review

I’ve been asked why it is that you will never see reviews of music by Gerry Mulligan or Pepper Adams on this blog. They are arguably the most influential baritone players in jazz history after Harry[…]

Reeds Plus

In an effort for full disclosure this is not a review but an overview of an idea I had and finally I am going to give it a go. Read on and tell me what[…]

We have twitter now

Ok I have decided to get with the times and utilize Twitter. If  you would like to follow this blog via twitter and be updated on what is happening then search Twitter for @ModernBariSax .

Recommended Recordings?

Normally I would just buy albums from Amazon, Ebay, iTunes, and local stores to find new and or interesting bari-centric music to review. When I do it usually takes me about a month of listening[…]

Blogs to follow part 2

I have been a regular visitor to Ben Britton’s “Everything Saxophone (Reviewed)” blog site for a while now and find myself revisiting his advice often throughout the week. I am not only a fan of[…]

Ronnie Cuber – Cubism (1991)

The album is a multi-genre music adventure with Latin echos from the past and a passion which reaches forward and demands we listen. Whether you like or dislike music with a Latin flare this album has a little[…]

Hemke reeds

I’ve read over and over again that natural reeds are failing in quality and are inconsistent within a box let alone between boxes. To test this I purchased some Hemke #4 reeds to use on my Yamaha[…]