Modern Bari & Bass Sax

Produced by Stan Kenton in 1955 and with a fantastic lineup this album has garnered a special place in my rotation. While many consider “Blue Serge” to be Serge Chaloff’s preeminent recording I find this album to be every bit Read More
For a couple  years now I have been making the website Jazz Everyone a regular part of my practice. The host of the website is Willie Thomas, or as he prefers uncle Willie. Willie’s approach is not the modal Jamey Read More
Photo by keisis44, Flickr I have had the absolute pleasure to exchange messages back and fourth with Denis DiBlasio over the past few months and it is my great pleasure to say he seems to be a quite pleasant person. He has Read More
As a charter member of the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) crew I have purchased, traded, and found many mouthpieces over the years. I have always found my way back to a Otto Link Tone Edge for my Baritone needs. I’ve always loved the tone Read More
Generally I would not review a reed because of the inherent variability that comes from natural products. This variability can make one box of reeds a winner while the next box could be filled with duds. Not to mention that some reeds match and Read More
Ladies and gentlemen, before you I present one of the best means of supporting your heavy saxophone yet devised. It is the Neotech Soft Harness. Finally, a harness to take the weight of my Low-A Yamaha. This harness is made Read More
This album gained good reviews for a reason. Simply put this album is better placed between Jackson Pollock and a Pablo Picasso paintings in any museum. It is sonic painting in its most expressive without being constrained to particular genre. Read More
I came across references to this book while searching for material to practice II V I lines. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the book was out of print. After searching all of the common areas that one would Read More
Ebay Saxophone Harness  I bought this strap on a whim because I wanted to take some of the load off of my neck. This was not the best way to spend $10+shipping. Comfort: Due to the lack of shoulder padding i Read More
  1970’s American craftsmanship meets 2012 tonal concepts, the results? An in your face, no holds barred baritone sound that will hold its own against just about anything in a modern band. First Impressions:  This piece dates back to 1974 Read More
I bought this piece because my Tone Edge Hard Rubber Link just didn’t have the gutsy sound I was looking for. Even though I know better than to order a Otto Link or Berg Larsen from the net without playing Read More
I am a huge Ronnie Cuber fan and this album was quite possibly his first dud. As a child of the late 70’s and  80’s I feel quite confident that my musical viewpoint has enough context that I can safely Read More