The perfect mouthpiece

Lets take a moment to describe what I call the “perfect” mouthpiece. The perfect piece is one that allows you to play without thinking of your gear. You shouldn’t have to fight your mouthpiece. It[…]

Bebop Study #1

My first album was Miles Davis’s “4 and More” album. This album was a mind opener for me. It was fast, free, and fun while at the same time allowing me to use my fathers[…]

Baritone Altissimo part II

Jeff Suzda has been a great help in sharing his altissimo techniques with the rest of us. His approach is generic to the saxophone and specific to the baritone. If you are unfamiliar with his[…]

Rethinking James Carter

My James Carter Experience I’ll admit it, I’ve never been a huge fan of James Carter. I’ve always felt his tone was rather harsh and his playing style was somewhat unconvincing at times. By this[…]

Baritone Altissimo?

Extending the range of the baritone saxophone has been quite the adventure for many saxophone players. Like many I did not start on baritone, instead I began on alto then migrated to the baritone in[…]