It’s been a busy 2 weeks around the MBS space. My day job has become a day and night job and reviewing music and products had to take a slight back seat as I struggled to find enough practice time. But things are getting back in line and it’s time to start writing again.

Coming up soon is a review of a great album of yesterday..  Baritone Madness..

With a line up this it would have to be great. Or would it?
Pepper Adams (saxophone)
Nick Brignola (saxophone)
Ted Curson (trumpet)
Roy Haynes (drums)
Dave Holland (bass)
Derek Smith (piano)

Also on the agenda is a review of a mouthpiece I just had to try. It is the largest mouthpiece I’ve every played. I’ll be including some sound samples as well..

Stay tuned, and thank s for keeping this place up and running.

I know some have complained that the comment system was a pain so I am try this new system by the makers of wordpress. It promises to make leaving comments easier and less hassle for the readers. Please let me know if you don’t like the new system.